American Classic is an old-school style barbershop that harkens back to a time when it was a place to not only get your hair cut and styled, but a hub to socialize and discuss topics of interest. As an independent barbering professional, I am skilled in providing high-quality haircuts to include tapers, high and tights,classic side parts, tapers, flat tops, buzz cuts and clipper cuts, followed by a straight-razor neck shave to finish off the look. All haircuts are followed by a vacuuming to remove clippings from your neck and collar.

If you have never visited American Classic Barbershop, I urge you to come by, say hello, and talk with me about the type of look you are seeking to achieve or maintain. I think you will quickly recognize that my knowledge and skill in styling men's hair is second to none.

Sorry, but for liability reasons, I am not able to provide haircuts for children 5 and under.

Please note: During the reopening period, beard trims and any facial hair removal services are not available.

Haircut ($22)

Quality haircut with attention to detail. Haircut followed by a vacuum to remove loose hair clippings from neck and collar, and hair product if desired. Finished with a hot-lather, straight-razor neck shave.

Buzz Cut ($14)

Clipper cut same length all over with clipper guard, and a slight taper around edges. Followed by a vacuum to remove hair clippings from neck and collar, and product if desired. Finished with a hot-lather, straight-razor neck shave.

Beard Trim ($12)

Beard removed or trimmed with clippers and clipper guard, or shaped with clippers over comb. Neatly lined edges achieved with detailing trimmers.

Haircut and Beard Trim ($29)

Quality haircut with beard trim.

Buzz Cut and Beard Trim ($21)

Quality clipper cut with beard trim.

After-Hours Appointments

Early and late appointments available at after-hours rate. Contact us for availability and rates.

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